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ヴァイオリン 甲斐史子(かい ふみこ)

ピアノ 大須賀かおり(おおすが かおり)


2001年8月、デュオ “ROSCO” を結成。




Violin   Fumiko KAI

Piano      Kaori OHSUGA


In 2001, Fumiko Kai and Kaori Ohsuga formed violin and piano duo “ROSCO”. In 2002, ROSCO won the First Prize at the Kyogaku V of the 5th Contemporary Music Performance Competition by Japan Society for Contemporary music sponsorship and received the 12th Asahi Contemporary Music Award at the same time. In 2003, ROSCO held a recital to commemorate the award at the Music Exhibition 2003. In the same year, ROSCO received the Aoyama Barocksaal Award of the Music Performance Competition by Aoyama Music Foundation in Kyoto.

ROSCO has a wide repertoire from classical, jazz and popular music up to contemporary music, and has performed at music festivals and concert series in Japan and abroad including at the National Grand Theatre in China. The performance sparked a reputation for the appeal of the work. ROSCO has commissioned a number of new works and collaborated with composers to create a variety of duo works that breathe new flair into the classical organization of violin and piano. In late years, ROSCO is actively performing lecture concerts and outreach activities at music colleges. Three CDs and one music sheet from Jipang Products were released.


甲斐 史子






Fumiko KAI


Born in Tokyo. Completed the graduate course of Toho College of music after receiving B.D. from the same college. Studied under Toshiya Eto ,Angela Eto and Sachika Mizuno. Also studied chmber music under Kazuoki Fujii.

Won the 1st prize in the 3rd “Toshiya Eto violin competition”, and the prize at the 5th competition for contemporary music players held by JSCM as well as received the 12th Asahi contemporary music award in 2003 and Aoyama Barocksaal prize in 2003. Received Kranichsteiner Music Prize from the Darmstadt Music Institute in 2006.

A member of the professional ensemble group specialized in contemporary music named “Ensemble Nomad” which performs inside and out Japan including “Gaudeams Music Days 2000 in Holland”, “A temp Music Festival” in Venezuela and Paris and “Huddersfield contemporary music Festival” in UK.

大須賀  かおり










Kaori Ohsuga studied at Toho Gaken College Music Department and completed the ensemble diploma course. She won the Second Prize of the 9th Competition of Japan Chamber Music. In 2001, she formed the piano-violin duo "Rosco" and won the First Prize at the "Kyogaku V" of the 5th Contemporary Music Performance Competition and received the 12th Asahi Contemporary Music Award at the same time. In 2003, she received the Aoyama Baroquesaar Award of the Music Performance Competition.

Kaori Ohsuga is engaged in the premiere and the CD recording of many composers including solo and chamber music. She premiered more than 300 works and released 4 albums.

Member of Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society and Association FRANCO-JAPONAISE de la Musique Contemporaine.

Lecturer of Toho Gakuen college of drama and music, Tokyo Seitoku college, and Yaei high school music department.


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